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We provide 

Problem Behaviour Treatment for Pets

Kind Animal Behaviour Services was founded in 2016 to provide caring, professional treatment and management for your pet's Behaviour problems. At Kind Animal Behaviour Services, your pet’s Behaviour is our number one priority.
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Our Services

Behaviour Veterinarian


* Bachelor of Veterinary Science (hons) from University of Queensland

* Membership in Veterinary Behaviour with the ANZCVS (Australian & NZ College of Veterinary Scientists)

* Fear Free Certified Practitioner

* Member Pet Professional Guild (PPG)

* Member Pet Professional Guild of Australia (PPGA)

At Kind Animal Behaviour Services, we offer a range of behaviour services to help your pet be happy, healthy and a positive part of your family.  When things don't go as expected with your pets behaviour, we can help you understand and then manage the Behaviour problem.  We use up to date, proven and science based knowledge and expertise.  We advocate early intervention and proactive management of behaviour problems.  
We believe in preparing puppies to succeed in life with our puppy program.
At Kind Animal Behaviour Services, we are fully committed to your pet’s behavioural health and happiness.

Behaviour Consultations

Assessment and Treatment for your pets Behaviour Problems

Animals can suffer with Behaviour Problems which effect their (and your!) ability to cope and enjoy life.  We will thoroughly assess your pet and provide a behavioural treatment and management plan and then continue to  monitor your pets progress, supporting you all the way.
Types of Behaviours we help with: Fears and Anxieties (eg separation, storms, people, dogs or other noises), Obsessive and Hallucinatory behaviours (eg spinning, fly snapping, shadow chasing, lick granulomas), Destructive behaviours, Toileting issues (eg cat spraying), Vocalisation (eg excessive barking or yowling) and Problems with Ageing (eg senility and cognitive decline).

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Puppy Class

A Life skills Program

An early and solid foundation is key to success for you and your puppy.  Our program is personalised to cater to individual needs and is run in-clinic.  This means classes can begin from 8 weeks old (before fully vaccinated) to capitalise on key learning periods.  
We use proven Positive Reinforcement Training techniques and provide lots of important dog behaviour and health information.
Classes are one on one or in small groups to enhance successful learning.

Behaviour Modification

Professional adjunctive training and coaching

Professional coaching of behaviour modification techniques and training to improve your success with recommended treatment plans

Brown Dogs

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